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anul bibliologic 2017

...On...March..28, 2018, Elena Harconita, Lina Mihaluta and Elena Turcan participated at the Symposium "Bibliologic Year 2017”. The Simposium was attended by 160 participants from all over the country. The theme was "Libraries in the Perspective of Sustainable Development: Librarian and Human Dimension”. The event was hosted by National Library of the Republic of Moldova.

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The aim of the meeting was the retrospective of the professional year 2017, emphasizing the impact of the activity of the National Libraries System (NLS) in the context of the priority directions of professional year 2017, correlating the development of the NLS with the trends and priorities of the international information and library system, identifying areas, focusing on professional efforts.

The Symposium was organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the National Bibliographic Council, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova, including the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Moldova, United Nations Organization in Moldova, Novateca National Program, Information Society Development Institute (IDSI). The works of the Symposium were broadcast online.

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22 libraries participated in the poster and AV materials with the topic: Bibliologic Year 2017 : Achievements, Challenges, Impact, "Modern Library Services", "Libraries and the Promotion / Achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives 2030". The purpose of the session was a better knowledge, appreciation and evaluation of the creative implications of libraries, an effective exchange of experience as well as creating a beneficial environment for professional communication.

The USARB Scientific Library was present with three posters: the Scientific Library - the USARB Departmental Library Science Center, the USARB Scientific Library - The Information Literacy 2017, ORA USARB; video-film Professional Workshops Northern Educational Libraries of ABRM, 2017; the paper "USARB Library Science Center", Collaboration Process in 2017; promotional materials: Calendar 2017-2018 USARB Scientific Library - Collaboration in the Erasmus + Program Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries [LNSS]; LNSS Project Ghide.  

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The paper and information on the exposed materials was presented by Elena Turcan. Lina Mihaluta presented the exhibition "The USARB Scientific Library - Publications of the Year 2017", which included 10 (ten) papers (bibliographies, yearbooks, methodical guides) in the collections of Doctor Honoris Causa, Bibliographia Universitas, Professionalization as well as Confluenţe Bibliologice 2017.

Elena Harconita, Lina Mihaluta, Silvia Ciobanu (design), Elena Stratan, Valentina Topalo, Elena Turcan, Tatiana Prian contributed to the elaboration of these materials.

In the 3-4 issue of the National Bibliologic Magazine, edited by National Library of the Republic of Moldova, three articles of the Balti University Librarians were published: Valentina Topalo - UN Documentation Center of the Alecu Russo Balti State University - 15 years of activity; Elena Cristian - Autographs, dedications, Ex-libris and supralibros in the collections of the Scientific Library of the Alecu Russo Balti State University; Ala Lisii -Perceptions and use of e-books by academic community.

The Participants received valuable works: Gheorghe Oprea. Bibliography. Ch., 2017; Ana Sofroni. Clarifications. Christian prayers. Fagaras, Brasov County, România, 2018; Magazin Bibliologic magazine, no. 1-2, 3-4, 2017. Librarians also received Certificates and Diplomas.

Appreciation to organizers who have facilitated the knowledge, dissemination and promotion of the successful experiences of the National Libraries System libraries, encouraged and involved in achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives.

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