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Directions of activity:

  • Provides methodological assistance to network libraries;
  • Provides organizational and informational achievement of objectives within the network; synthesis, analysis and capitalization of the innovative experience specific to the library activity in the network; promotes good practices on the blog of The Departmental Library Center, in specialized publications: Revista ABRM, ABRM Info, Confluenţe bibliologice, BiblioUniversitas, Limba Română;
  • Receives, analyzes, synthesizes and disseminates statistical information on library activity in the network; annual reports (Centralizing Tables in Google Drive format) of the school libraries in the Ministry of Education system of the Republic of Moldova, including from 15 northern districts and Balti; accumulates statistics from the South and Central districts, presents the centralized data to the Ministry of Education - Library Activities in the Field of Education; posts the statistical summaries on the site, the The Departmental Library Center blog;
  • Provides the organization and documentation of continuous professional training of the professional library staff in the network; prepares / disseminates didacticand  methodological support; evaluates the feedback of the training activities;
  • Organizes meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings, dissemination conferences in common with ME, OLDSI, ABRM;
  • Elaborates and distributes methodological, bibliographic, informational, statistical content publications on the activity of network libraries; publishes the “Annual Synthesis of the School Libraries of the Republic of Moldova: Statistical report”; Bibliography “Librarians in the field education (the North area) in the press and online”;
  • Conducts studies and research specific to the library activity of the network, these being integrated into national programs, elaborated within the National Library of the Republic of Moldova; monitors the survey study "The Director of the school and the library";
  • Organizes / participates in scientific and cultural activities, organized at national and international level;
  • Organizes practical training courses on the Internet, organizes the Special Collection with online access, helps librarians to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, to create accounts, blogs, pages, profiles on social networks, etc.
  • Ensures the implementation of national and international standards, the functionality of the regulatory framework, the improvement of the technological processes specific to the activity of the network libraries; develops / monitors the List of Technological Processes, the Guide of the School Librarian, College and Vocational schools;
  • Coordinates and cooperates with the national and territorial library centers; with the Ministry of Education and the Local Specialty Bodies in the Education Sector of the Republic of Moldova (OLSDI) in order to collect the statistical data by the specialists responsible for the activity of the school libraries, the organization of the training actions, the professional meetings.

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