monitoring meeting 01On...June 23, 2017, at the Scientific Library of Alecu Russo Balti State University, took place a Monitoring meeting of Library Network Support Services Project: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus throught library staff development and reforming libraries, Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education Program (2015-2018) with the participation of the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, Erasmus+ National Office in Moldova, Claudia Melinte and Cristina Gherman. Dr. Nelly Amarfi-Railean, Vice-Rector of USARB International Relations greeted the participants and emphasized the importance of participating in international projects, benefits they bring to the institutions and each employee

Claudia Melinte, coordinator of the project, Erasmus+ National Office in Moldova, exposed the monitoring objectives, noting that the meeting purpose is not to control, but to offer help, trust and support for the progressing of the project. Another important moment of monitoring is to highlight and promote good project practice, use and explore all facilities during the remaining time (1.5 years) through discussions, questions and actions. It is important that all problems, difficulties transmitted to the Brussels coordinator.

Rodica Sobieski-Camerzan, director of SL AAP, in the Communication Implementing the LNSS Project: Activities and Achievements, presented the project's history, expressing their satisfaction and the good cooperation with the SL USARB project partner. She reviewed the purpose, objectives, impact and relevance of the project, the mobility and impact of training activities, the development / testing of the Pilot 3 Module Curriculum. Essential management and transferable skills for librarians.

monitoring meeting1

Elena Harconiţa, Director of SL USARB, in The LNSS Project Communication - an important factor in adopting the changes, highlighted the importance of the Project to raise libraries participating in international educational and professional standards by proposing and developing Quality Programs for the development of library staff in the absence of national, regional and local funding. She counted the Project activities within the work packages, mobility, presentation / testing of the Pilot Module 8 Curriculum. Library Development Policy, visibility of the Project (USARB website, Project site, Ministry of Education website, social networks, colloquium communications, articles in specialized publications, promotional materials).

Organization reports of LIBRARY NATIONAL AWARENESS DAY - 2017 at the Academy of Public Administration and State University "Alecu Russo" in Balti were presented by Silvia Dulschi, PhD, conf., Head of Science and Doctorate Direction, AAP and Aculina Mihaluţa, deputy director of SL USARB. On the 3of May 2017 ended the celebrations of the National Librarians' Day and National Library Awareness Day, being celebrated at the Government level with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Culture Igor Şarov. Various activities devoted to the Books, Reading, Libraries and Librarians were held in libraries.

Librarians from Scientific Library USARB Gabriela Cazacu, Gherda Palii, Tatiana Pogrebneac shared their impressions of the English Language Training for Specific Purposes (ESP): new knowledge and skills speaking in English, demonstrating lingual dexterity and presentation in public.

Monitoring meeting

The meeting continued with the Questions and Answers, discussions on the implementation of the project at the SL AAP and SL USARB. Erasmus+ representatives and project implementation team members discussed the successes and questions occurred during the reference period (1.5 years): The final product of the Project; Curriculum expertise; Use of available resources; Renouncing the planned software in favor of necessary equipment; Recommendations on the continuation of the Project at national level; Application to new Erasmus + projects; Organizing meetings at the Erasmus + National Office in Moldova with accountants and guests of the Ministry of Finance on solving various financial situations; Explanations on the technical modalities for transferring financial resources to partners; the overview of partners on the curriculum per module.

Ana Bejenaru, chief accountant at State University, reported on the positive experience of the Project's financial management, answered questions related to the financial aspect of the project, exchange rates, transfer issues, project personal account, computerized management of expenditure and revenue.

The official representatives of Erasmus+ Cladia Melinte and Cristina Gherman were pleased with the progress and results of the monitoring meeting. The idea of promoting this meating in Balti was welcomed, the Scientific Library already having experience in several international projects. The experience, promotion and visibility of the project, effective communication and beautiful relationships of Project partners have been appreciated for success and good finality of the Project, eventual collaboration in the future in other ERASMUS+ projects.

Libraries have been urged to take advantage of Erasmus + opportunities from this beautiful experience and to ask partners to apply for projects.
Dr. Nelli Amarfi-Railean has specified the importance of USARB projects, collaborative relationships and the availability of Library staff, which is a model not only for libraries in the country but also for European ones.

Monitoring meeting

The library's guests, ambassadors, invited professors from Europe are always fascinated by the organization, services, competent staff, open and benevolent. The Library is like a badge of the USARB.

Elena Harconiţa thanked the USARB librarians, the Rectorate and academic staff for understanding and collaboration, Erasmus + representatives for relevant support and assistance, SL AAP who made the right choice for the Balti partner.

The event was attended by representatives of the USARB Administration, project participants teams of SL AAP and SL USARB, USARB librarians.

Library Network Support Services Project: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus throught library staff development and reforming libraries, Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education CBHE Project 561633LNSS was initiated on 15.10.2015, end date - 14.10 .2018, project duration - 36 months.